Fashionable Dresses for Younger Girls

Finding dresses for young girls can be quite the nightmare particularly if your child comes with you on the shopping trip. Many cuts and styles of girls dresses are overly provocative being far too short and with very little material on top. Unfortunately, it is often to these adult style dresses that young girls flock and many a Saturday afternoon is spent arguing with your child over the suitability of their clothing.

Clearly a responsible parent will not allow their child to wear such revealing clothing yet the ensuing arguments may prove too much. How do you find a suitable balance that is both accepted by the parent and the child alike? Read on for style advice that strikes a happy medium.

The following trends are all popular now and you can convince your child that these dresses are suitable simply by showing them the fashion magazines. They will see that the celebrities to whom they look up are wearing similar adult versions of the following girls dresses and with a bit of luck your child will feel better with their choice.

The Military Trend
This is very popular now, and before you go running for cover, the military trend does not involve dressing up in an army uniform in the same way that little boys would love!

The military trend is all about tailored clothing, particularly the jackets. Olive greens, khaki colours and desert yellows are all appropriate colours to pull-off this trend. Choose longer style dresses with a camouflage pattern in order to strike a balance between young and old.

By way of colour this season, purple is very popular as are camel colours and reds. Given that the Royal Wedding is just around the corner purple will prove a very regal colour in which to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Ruffled Shoulders and Textured Dresses
We have seen the layering of fabrics frequently on catwalks around the world of late in particular the use of sheer materials over a non-sheer base. Girls dresses in such a design will prove perfect as they cover modesty and yet are exceptionally fashionable – most young girls will love these dresses.

Popular patterns this season include animal print and floral detailing. Floral prints will prove very popular amongst young girls because as most people are aware we girls cannot get enough of flowers which to us represent natural beauty in its purest form. When choosing floral detailing, opt for subtle understated designs as these are the most fashionable at present.

Animal prints are a little on the wild side, and are best avoided by children under that age of 12. If you do opt to buy your child a dress with an animal print, make sure that the design is very subtle incorporate animal print gently for example using a scarf never dress from head-to-toe in an animal print – however old you are!

Four Tips For Hiring a General Contractor For Your Commercial Construction Projects

Retail, medical and office space remodeling and construction projects can either be a smooth undertaking or a huge headache depending on what General Contractor you choose. Things can quickly turn for the worse if you select a company who has poor communication or if they fail to understand your goals and the important aspects particular to your business. The lowest bid may not be the best value. These four tips will help you choose the right commercial contractor to insure your business’s project will be successful and worry-free.

Find Reputable Candidates

A General Contractor supervises the construction of the project and therefore must be knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, responsive, and professional. You can find reputable commercial general contractors through word of mouth, from print advertising or on the Internet. It is crucial you thoroughly screen each candidate. Ask how long the company has been in business and if they have experience doing the kind of work you need. If you are planning a renovation in an office that will remain open, be sure to ask if the contractor has experience working in occupied spaces to insure they will provide minimal interruption of your business. If you don’t have plans yet for your project, you may want to look for a General Contractor who provides Design-Build services. This can save you time and money.

Check Credentials Carefully

You will need to call at least three references from previous clients. Ask the references if they were happy with the company and if there was open communication. Be sure to ask for a copy of the General Contractor’s license and see if they have been involved in any lawsuits or had disciplinary action taken against them by their licensing body. Searching the Secretary of State’s website is an excellent resource for this. Request a copy of the contractor’s insurance and make sure it is adequate-it should at a minimum include liability and workers compensation insurance. In these times it is wise to ensure the company is financially strong and pays its bills on time by obtaining a business credit report such as one from Dun & Bradstreet.

Interview the General Contractor

Start the communication process by interviewing the General Contractor. Ask how the project will be supervised. Will there be a superintendent on site full time or as needed? Ask how the contractor will communicate the status of the projects and determine, for instance, if you would want weekly updates via email, or phone, or on site meetings. And be sure to discuss permitting time frames and issues in advance because the time it takes to obtain permits from governmental bodies can fluctuate widely.

Don’t be fooled by the lowest price

Once you have narrowed down the list of General Contractors, then it’s time to ask your candidates for an estimate for your project plans. Make sure that all General Contractors are given the same plans, specifications, time frames, and requirements. In this economy, most commercial construction companies have remained competitive by reducing their profits. The one company with a much lower estimate may be reducing the price by using substandard materials or knowingly omitting requirements only to hike it up later with change orders, so make sure all bids are covering the same things.

By following these simple tips, you can have a successful, stress-free remodeling project for your office, medical or retail space.

Prescription Drug Abuse Is A Deadly Addiction

Medicines that we use to cure diseases can sometimes become a cause of drug addiction. Pill addiction or prescription drug abuse is what these addictions are called. It has been with us ever since doctors have started prescribing medicines by writing it on a piece of paper and has now become more widespread.

The beginning of refill or repeat prescription enables patients to avail a renewed prescription easily. This further allows people to visit a nearby chemist store and purchase their preferred drug simply by filling their details such as their name, contact address and the drug they want to buy. Repeat prescriptions are generally signed as routine these days. Doctors simply sign the prescription without considering the need for it.

If a patient asks for more repeat prescriptions, it is the duty of a consulting doctor to personally review treatment once again. Doctors these days are do not seem to care about these issues. That is why the numbers of prescription drug abuse cases are increasing at a rapid pace. Painkiller medicines are now being widely used by people to overcome body pains and it has now become the main cause of drug addiction.

These drugs are known to possess certain properties that make people addicted to these medicines if continued for considerable time period. People who are addicted to prescription drug abuse display quite a number of symptoms such as increased tolerance to drugs, where an individual needs to increase the dosage in order to feel the same effects.

Effects of drug abuse are horrific as people who are addicted to prescription drug abuse goes through extreme pain. Heavy dose of drugs enables the human body to get more used to a particular drug since the body has learned to adapt to the presence of a specific drug. Symptoms like mood swing, aggression and depression are some of the effects of drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is capable of disrupting the normal functioning of a human body and it sometimes can lead to death if the required attention is not given. Overdose of medicines like Paracetamol based painkillers are highly injurious to health and are capable of causing severe damage to liver, an essential digestive organ.

One of the symptoms of drug addiction is that when a person affected simply cannot stop taking them. Nowadays, many online drug stores have started selling medicines including those with addictive properties. The drug stores normally sell drugs to patients without any prescriptions. All a person need to do is to make the payment online through online money transfers and the drug is delivered right at the doorstep.

Prescription drug abuse is increasing as people are getting addicted to certain type of drugs. Pharmacists and doctors must be aware of the potential problems that are associated with prolong use of certain medicine. Doctors must try to reduce the intake of these medicines instead of stopping it all of a sudden. This addiction has now become a serious issue and medical professionals must act now to curb its progress.

Cheap Auto Insurance and Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap auto insurance is available. The only way to find cheap car insurance is to show determination and a willingness to research it. Have you had car insurance in the past but wasn’t cheap auto insurance? Were your rates high and a strain on your wallet? If so, why not look into cheap auto insurance? Cheap car insurance is just the thing to help you save some money each month. There are ways you can find cheap auto insurance and still get the coverage you need most. Do you want only liability from cheap auto insurance? Did your last insurance provider tell you that you could only get liability because of how high the rates were? There is no reason for why you have to settle. You need to get the kind of coverage that benefits you most-others too in case of an accident. Why not find cheap car insurance and find the quality and affordability you deserve?

Be on the lookout for advertisements on the radio or television concerning cheap auto insurance. Often times there are two or three commercials between your favorite shows talking about cheap car insurance. Have you ever thought to call the number on the bottom of the screen to see if they really do offer cheap auto insurance? It isn’t a bad idea. You will want to listen for the offers they make on the television commercials regarding cheap car insurance and then make sure they are sticking to what they are promoting. Call them up and ask them questions about their advertisements on cheap auto insurance. A representative of that particular company can tell you about the cheap car insurance they provide and why you should become a client.

You can also look in the newspaper and see what companies are advertising cheap auto insurance. Even mailers come once or twice a week advertisement companies who guarantee cheap auto insurance. You might feel leery at first because some of the cheap auto insurance seems too good to be true, right? If you are feeling this way, you should call up the company and ask about their cheap car insurance rates and policies. When you take the initiative to talk to a company that deals with cheap car insurance, you fears can subside because you will have been able to get all the answers concerning cheap auto insurance. Begin your search for cheap car insurance today!

Key Person Insurance

Business owners seldom think twice about the need for insuring the physical assets of their business, but often overlook or struggle with the concept of insuring their key personnel. Key personnel could be defined as;
o Someone with specialised skills or knowledge in your business
o The founder or public face of the company
o The creator of unique intellectual property – software, key adviser, major account/sales person
o Someone with responsibility for a significant portion of revenue/profit

The death or disablement of a key person can affect a business in a number of ways:
o Lost profits otherwise generated by the key person
o Additional costs to secure and integrate a replacement
o Loss of contracts and customers
o Loss of market share as competitors “fill the void”
o Ability to stay solvent, potentially breaching The Company’s Act
o Ongoing stress for the remaining proprietors/staff
o Loss of company value

Key Person cover is designed to inject cash into the business to provide funds to secure a replacement, replace or reduce lost profits, reassure customers and creditors that the business is financially secure and to meet contractual obligations. Without Key person cover the business may be forced to wind up or face a significant reduction in its value. Statistics tell us that;

o 1 in 5 businesses have to be wound up or cashed up if there is an event which affects a key employee.
o In a forced sale business assets realise approximately 35% of the owner’s perceived value.

Debt cover may have been effected on the life of the key person by the business, once a claim has been made and debts repaid this may make funds previously used to service debt available to meet key person needs that may have arisen.

As any sole trader will be the key person in their business, their death or disability invariably means the business will not continue. In the event of premature death it would be important to ensure sufficient funds were available to compensate dependants who needed it and in the event of a disability, income protection would be important to secure a replacement cash flow.

Key person policies are normally owned by and paid for by the company. The generally accepted view for limited companies is that the premium is tax deductible and the benefit is assessable. However, if all funds are used within the tax year of receivables for deductible expenses, no tax is payable. Each company must seek advice from their tax adviser on their specific circumstances.

Written by Gerard Tilleyshort

Buy Natural Health Supplements – Natural Tonics for Health and Wellness

Buy natural health supplements? When looking to buy natural health supplements and natural tonics for health and wellness, chances are you’ll find your options are limited in local stores. Online, there are many possibilities. However, an important question is — how to know which natural tonics for health and wellness are legitimate ones that provide specific health benefits?

Ideally, vitamin and nutrient requirements would come totally from your diet. The problem is — many people make poor food choices every day. And even with a well-balanced diet, studies find that nutrient values of foods have been declining for decades because of soil depletion.

When looking to buy natural health supplements, leading the list should be the daily vitamin/mineral/nutrient supplement that is the basis of your supplement program. And all daily supplements are not created equal. Two important natural tonics for health and wellness should be considered these:

o High-Quality Daily Vitamin/Mineral/Nutrient Supplements – a daily high-quality, broad-spectrum anti-aging natural supplement helps fill in the dietary gaps that everyone will have. Few persons obtain the minimum recommended servings of 5-9 cups of vegetables and fruits per day, for example, and thus do not obtain the health benefits associated with these vital foods.

And taking one of the cheap one-a-day vitamins is probably a waste of time and money. When considering to buy natural health supplements, vitamins and minerals are just the beginning. The body needs and will use a wide array of anti-aging natural tonics for health and wellness substances — amino acids, antioxidants, bioflavanoids, neuronutrients, herbal extracts, enzymes and other nutrients such as L-Carnosine, alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-Carnitine and so on. And these nutrients must be in the correct proportions to each other based on the latest research.

o Omega 3 Supplements – from heart and brain health to depression treatment to pregnancy health, Omega 3 benefits are too good to ignore if you are interested in health. Three of the top Omega 3 food sources are cold-water fish, grass-fed (not grain-fed) meat and eggs. Omega 3 oils provide DHA and EPA in a natural form that your body can easily assimilate. No conversion is required by the body as is required for flax oil, for example. Most of the clinical studies on Omega 3 benefits are based on fish oils from consuming fish and fish oil supplements.

In addition, other natural tonics for health and wellness to consider when you buy natural health supplements with specific health benefits proven by clinical studies are:

o Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements – the most effective is policosanol which comes from sugar cane. Its cholesterol-lowering abilities are published in over 80 clinical studies, which are more studies than for most prescription drugs. Policosanol significantly lowers total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol without the side affects associated with the statin drugs.

o Arthritis Supplements – there are nutrients that have been shown to reduce inflammation, swelling and stiffness. Aiming to achieve long term pain relief by targeting the cause, not just the arthritis symptoms, should be the goal of arthritis natural tonics for health and wellness.

o Sexual Enhancement Supplements – many sexual problems (and health problems) are related to nutrient deficiencies. In men, for example, men with impotency problems also suffer from cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes or are taking prescription drugs which commonly cause sexual dysfunction problems. Restore your general health and your sexual health will automatically follow.

Is it possible when you buy natural health supplements that you can slow the aging process? Yes! Numerous clinical studies have shown and are still finding the health benefits of many of these nutrients. You can try to come up with your own supplement plan and take many different supplements individually. However, to buy natural health supplements and design your own supplement program is not the best way. It’s easy to end up with a dozen or more individual substances to take daily, which is both a hassle and expensive. And if certain substances are out of balance, they can combine to produce other unwanted compounds that can be harmful.

There are manufacturers that provide advanced nutritional products in one broad high-quality daily supplement. Nutrient quantities are combined according to the latest research, and individual ingredients are linked to relevant clinical studies and benefits. Learn as much as you can before you buy natural health supplements about the natural tonics for health and wellness you’ll be taking every day.

Copyright 2005 InfoSearch Publishing

Fashion TV – Watch It Free On The Net

Fashion on TV, we can all watch it free and we can see it on our TV’s, but now we can also see it broadcast on the web as well and in many instances its free.

So, why are companies providing free fashion TV? Quite simply, we all love fashion on TV and it sells!

Here you will find out where you can watch free fashion TV and videos on TV and the internet and what you can and cannot learn from it, albeit its escapism and a lot of fun!

But what can we learn from fashion on TV?

This article is all about where you can watch fashion TV free, live and how it can help us with our image and we can have fun.

The rise of fashion on TV

We live in a more image conscious society than ever.

Fashion TV is part of our lives.

We see the stars on fashion TV and we see makeovers of ordinary people.

Today, on the internet more and more companies are looking at the power of fashion to fulfil our hopes and dreams and therefore provide fashion TV free.


Because, we all want to watch it.

Lets face it, we all love fashion on TV and advertisers realise it, as it can be a powerful advertising tool and make them lots of money, as well as providing entertainment.

Women watch it. Quite simply, all woman love fashion, as its escapism and also keeps them up to date with all the latest trends.

Men love fashion TV. Wonder why!

Seriously, with the rise of male image consciousness, men also want to see the latest trends on the catwalk and seeing pretty girls is a bonus.

Also don’t forget the rise of the gay community.

They love the girls, the guys and are probably the most image conscious group of all.

Don’t underestimate the power of the “pink pound”, advertisers don’t.

What we can’t learn from fashion TV

Well, its all good escapism, but it can also show you what you should not wear, as well as what you should wear.

Keep in mind, fashion and style are different.

If you are not a size 10, then many of the things you see on fashion TV may not be for you, so just take it as entertainment.

The power and influence of fashion TV

In the new millennium image sells and advertisers realise this.

Fashion TV is going to huge on the internet as advertisers exploit its potential.

Fashion on TV is nothing new, but free fashion TV and videos on the internet are.

More and more companies in the future, will use this method to help promote their own sites and increase advertising revenue.

Let’s face it we all love fashion TV.

Even if we don’t follow the fashions, we love the entertainment and free fashion TV and Videos keep us hooked.

Exactly what the advertisers want!

So watch, the internet and see lots of free fashion TV and video’s, in the near future.

Enjoy and have fun!

10 Laminate Flooring Installation Questions – Discover Hardwood Floor Solutions

A laminate flooring installation should fit extremely well into a busy household, where cleaning chores need to be simplified as much as possible. Provided that you follow the installation and maintenance instructions carefully, a laminate hardwood floor is likely to save you time, while adding elegance and style to your decor. Here are the answers to ten of the most frequently asked laminate flooring installation questions.

1. What Is Laminate Flooring And Can I Install It Myself?

If you have an affinity for real hardwood floors, but can’t afford them and prefer not to have the maintenance misery associated with them, you will love laminate flooring. The quality of these floors are now such that it is difficult to distinguish between real wood and laminates. The grains of the different woods are emulated to perfection, with texture and weathering thrown in as a bonus.

Laminate flooring planks consist of four or five fused layers. The base layer is normally reinforced with melamine. This is followed with the core of high density fiberboard, impregnated with sealing substances. Then there is the design layer, followed by the tough wear layer and an aluminum oxide finish. The planks are resistant to stains, fading, scuffing and water.

Innovative engineering has led to the development of glueless laminate flooring installations, popular among do it yourself enthusiasts. The planks have a tongue and groove design that simply click or snap together for an amazingly simple and quick installation. Although professional flooring contractors can be involved, this isn’t necessary. Even a novice can tackle this home remodeling task with confidence.

2. What Is An Expansion Space?

A laminate flooring installation is a floating floor that is not affixed to the sub-floor. These hardwood floors always contract and expand due to humidity and temperature changes. To make provision for these shifts, laminate floors are never installed with the planks fitting snugly against walls or cabinets. It is vital to leave a space right around the perimeter. If you neglect to do this, you will soon be confronted with a buckling floor.

Every manufacturer prescribes the exact expansion space needed for their particular product. You will be able to use spacers to ensure that this provision is accurate. The size of the floor you are tackling in your home improvement project, will also dictate the size of the expansion space. Make sure that you get this right if you want to retain the looks of your flooring.

3. Will I Be Able To Install Laminate Flooring In A Bathroom?

Many laminate flooring products are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, where there is always more of a moisture risk. Check with your supplier if you are unsure. The most important factor here is your diligence during the installation process. Every expansion space needs to be sealed perfectly with your caulking gun, to ensure that moisture can’t seep into the core of the flooring. Once this happens, you will have problems with buckling, warping and blistering.

In the case of bathroom and kitchen flooring, the recommendation usually also is to use glue in the joints. This will act as an additional sealant, helping to protect your flooring.

4. How Do I Finish The Areas Around Doorways?

All the manufacturers supply ranges of color-coordinated decorative moldings for use in doorways, for transitions between different flooring finishes, and around cabinets, basins or tubs. These make it straightforward to ensure that your flooring has a professional finish. In a doorway, you will install a T-molding.

5. Is It Safe To Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs?

A laminate flooring installation can be done on stairs. In this case however, you don’t need an underlayment. The flooring planks are adhered to the subfloor with glue. As a finish, stair noses are glued and nailed to the stairs. Just be very careful if you have been cleaning the flooring. Any dampness may cause the stairs to be extremely slippery.

6. What Is The AC Rating?

One of the most important aspects of a laminate hardwood floor installation, is matching the flooring to the traffic it will be bombarded with. Using a low quality, thin floor in a high traffic area will be disastrous. The AC Rating has been devised to help consumers when they have to make a buying decision.

The AC Rating of between 1 and 5 gives an indication of the suitability of the flooring planks for a particular area. In most residential situations, an AC Rating of 3 is high enough to ensure durability. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a higher rating will give your flooring a longer life. While this may be the case, a higher rating also comes with a rougher surface texture that can be tough on bare feet and socks.

7. I Love A Tiled Look. Is There A Laminate Flooring Option For Me?

A fairly recent development in the laminate flooring installation industry, is the introduction of planks with an extremely authentic ceramic or stone tile appearance, complete with realistic grout lines. Just imagine getting the tiled look you adore, without any of the grout messes. No more cracking, moldy, discolored grout to spoil your hard work. Just a smooth, multi-hued tiled look clicked together within a day. This truly is a decorating and interior design dream come true.

8. Doesn’t Laminate Flooring Have A Plastic Look?

With the latest engineering, the days of plastic, fake-looking laminates are over. You will be amazed at the authenticity of the real wood or stone tile designs. Textures can be refined to be completely realistic. Planks are now beveled to come even closer to the real thing. In addition, weathering has been brought in to give that unique warm and rustic real hardwood appearance.

9. Do I Need To Acclimate My Laminate Flooring Planks?

Some manufacturers stipulate that the unopened boxes of flooring planks should be stored horizontally in the room where they will be installed, for a period of around 48 hours. This gives the planks a chance to acclimate. Your supplier should be able to give you the correct instructions. Alternatively, you can go to the manufacturer’s website for more information. Make sure that you allow for this period when you do your planning. Don’t rush into the installation. Follow the instructions to the letter if you don’t want to void your warranty.

10. What Do I Do If There Is A Nasty Scratch On My Floor?

One of the main benefits of a laminate flooring installation, is that you can repair minor mishaps with ease, and replace a whole section of flooring in the event of a serious calamity. It is always better to try and prevent scratches by using felt pads under furniture, keeping pet nails trimmed, and avoiding spiked shoes. Entrance rugs are also a good idea, as they catch some of the gravel and grit before it gets onto the flooring. If there are scratches, color-coordinated pens are available to make them less conspicuous.

For more noticeable scratches, a filling putty can be used. Neaten the edges of the area with a small, sharp knife. Fill it with putty, and smooth the surface gently with a plastic scraper. Wipe excess away with a damp cloth and your floor should be as good as new.

Follow the laminate flooring installation guidelines to the letter, give your flooring the tender loving care it deserves, and you will enjoy its good looks for years to come.

Sell App Source Code and Make a Killing

I currently have quite a few apps on the Android ans IOS Markets. Some make money and some don’t. If your anything like me you do not have the time to market every app in hopes that they will go viral.

One day I thought to myself, why not sell the source code to an internet marketer, or someone looking to get into the mobile market? We all know that there is no shortage of these professionals, but most internet marketers cannot develop apps.

The model is like that of selling eBooks or websites. I have sold many websites in the past for 5 to 20 times the monthly revenue, and I bet you less than half of the eBooks on ClickBank were actually written by the person who has it listed in ClickBank.

I have sold apps to a few businesses and individuals in the past directly, but I had to market my development services to them which takes time and money. My time as a developer is stretch pretty thin. I wanted a way to get my apps in front of buyers whether they are going to pay me .99 for a download or $1000.00 + for the rights to my source code.

This lead to the idea of a marketplace for apps. They have auction sites for just about anything in the world but non for app source codes. A real auction where bidders can drive up the price on one another for rights to the app source code. You see it every day on flippa, but that is a marketplace for websites.

People are making big bucks in the website buying, selling, and flipping business. An app resellers market is the next logical step.

This model will be more profitable for independent or small firm developers than simply marketing their development services. It brings an additional revenue streams and potential future customers. It also provides cash in the short term as opposed to waiting on monthly download checks.

Additional Benefits Include:

1. No Advertising Costs
2. Multiple buyers for one product drives the price up
3. Much Larger target demographic
4. Increased downloads from increase number of app views
5. You don’t have to sell unless you get the price you want (reserve price)

If you are a developer and looking to increase your revenue, you should strongly consider this model. It is low cost and very high reward.

What You Need to Do Before You Start Buying & Selling on eBay

There are a few basic things that you need or need to do before you can start buying and selling on eBay or any auction.

  • Credit Card

You will need to have a Credit Card to open an account with Pay Pal which is the most acceptable, proven and safe means for payment. Your Credit Card number will not be revealed during payment.

  • Pay Pal Account

Pay Pal is the safer and easier way to make payment without exposing your credit card or bank account number. PayPal can be used to buy items on the Internet too and not limited to transactions on eBay. It is widely accepted globally for electronic transactions on the Internet.

  • eBay Account

You can opened an account in your our country as eBay has a few sites like eBay France, eBay Germany, eBay Australia, eBay Singapore, eBay India, eBay Malaysia, eBay Philippines, and so on. Just fill up the form shown on your PC screen and provide the relevant details required.

  • Digital Camera (Optional but Recommended)

You should take good photos of items that you are selling as this will enable the Buyers to see what they are buying. You will have some advantage over those Sellers that do not have photos of similar items on sale. It is very simple to upload digital photos or images but please remember to re-size them as you do not need a big or very high resolution image for Web. An entry-level digital camera should be able to get you reasonable digital images required.

  • Items to Sell

Finally, you just need to look around your home for used items that are no longer used but occupying storage space. As the item has to be sent by post, it has to be of reasonable size and not items like an old chair or 14″ portable TV otherwise the delivery cost would be very high.

I would like to suggest that before you post any items for sale, it would be wise to look at similar items that are being auctioned and see how the Sellers do their postings; e.g. how photos are taken from different angles, how an item is thoroughly described.

In fact, you should look for a cheap item that cost only a few dollars and you should have a go at bidding for it. This is to give you a feel of the whole transaction from bidding to settlement to receipt of the item. This experience will benefit you when you start selling your items.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and buy your first item and then make your first sale!